Eliza Linkiewicz
(Master Engineer, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Artist)

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E-mail: eliza@linkiewicz.com.pl
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Version I - with client’s interaction

This is a plan for creative individuals who have their own vision of what they want to have done in their home or office. You may have an idea of what kind of furniture you are interested in, or what your color palette is, and so on. We can help you with creating the project. We can put your vision into computer simulation that will contain drafted floor plans, cabinetry design, lightning plans and all other necessary details. With our professional assistance you will have all the required measurements and necessary specifications to be able to develop and execute your commission.
Cooperation plan:
  • The completion of a commission will require several meetings. The initial meeting is free of charge and is called an orientation. During the orientation we will try to learn about your idea for the project and about your preferences and budget.
  • Next step is an inventory of the space, house, or the office. The required measurements of the rooms are recorded and pictures are taken in order to produce a 3D computer simulation of the rooms and floor layout. There will be a charge for a computer modeling according to our fee structure.

    Once the 3D model is ready we can proceed into decorating your space. Everything is done using computer software that allows you to see the changes being made and the effect of our work on the screen. Our consultations with the client continue on and your input is very important. This is a fully customized process in which you can choose your style and color palette, select appropriate furniture, floor and window coverings, artwork and lighting under our supervision. We will take your physical comfort into mind when helping in the selection of furniture. Hourly-based rates apply.
  • Next step is to complete executive documentation. This step consist of numerous technical drawings and in addition a list of materials to be used, a count of ceramic tiles, dimensions of the walls that need to be painted, colors to be used, and all other necessary details.

    An architect will formulate technical drawings according to his/her best knowledge and technical standards, making all the efforts to keep it unambiguous and easy to understand. Documentation consists of: layout conventions of walls and design structure in K-G system, layout conventions of all furniture, perspectives and units of measurements, hydraulic systems "wod-kan", electrical wiring, floor materials, siding, color themes etc. The amount of documentation depends on the magnitude of the project. The client will be provided with all technical documentation and also with information for the builder or contractors on how to perform the work. Cost for executive documentation applies according to our fee structure.
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