Eliza Linkiewicz
(Master Engineer, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Artist)

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E-mail: eliza@linkiewicz.com.pl
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Eliza Linkiewicz
Master Engineer
Interior Designer
Landscape Architect
Eliza Linkiewicz
fot. Regina Wypych
"I am fascinated by the possibility of enhancing the function, safety and aesthetics of interior space. I take pride in using the best attributes of a space in order to maximize its use and function. I like to be creative when it comes to innovative forms and solutions. In my workshop I pay attention to every detail and create an image of the finalized concept in my head. I start with the rooms/walls/floor layouts, and continue on through furnishing and lighting, lastly I imagine the artwork and decorations."
My company offers comprehensive services including interior design for both commercial and residential commissions. We provide professional assistance ranging from pre-architect, builder or contractor consultation, to final accessorizing in all furniture styles.

We carry out the projects for entire apartments and houses, or single rooms (bedrooms, kids room, bathroom, kitchen etc.) and also office spaces as well.

We collaborate with trusted architects, electricians and building contractors to ensure the safety and quality of the project.

We love challenges and we attempt to take on every task no matter how small in detail or imaginative in design.

"We create unconventional interiors with passion".
Pracownia Projektowa Eliza Linkiewicz ul. Żwirki i Wigury 9/3 Szczecin, woj. zachodniopomorskie, 71-176