Eliza Linkiewicz
(Master Engineer, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Artist)

Tel. 502 866 820
E-mail: eliza@linkiewicz.com.pl
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Design and decorate your own home!
- With guidance of a professional
If you have a vision of your dream home or you know what your heart desires but you have no idea how to put these ideas into effect; you have come to the right place. Our experienced staff at EL Interior Design Studio is here to help you create the most suitable environment for you to live or work in. Review our offer and let us help you create your dream design.

Share your ideas with us so that we can suggest how to design your space. You will be pleased to find that EL Studio simplifies the process of designing by providing you with all the resources and expertise in a relaxed matter. We will work with you step by step and explain how your ideas will be put into an effective design. Our mission is to create an environment that will reflect your style and personality. By creating a 3 dimensional computer simulation, you will be able to see the arrangements and accessorizing of your home/office on the screen.

You will enjoy being a part of the creative process of shaping your environment. We actually hope that you want to be an active part in the process of creating your project. You can make suggestions and recommendations, you may also want to make changes as the work progresses. At completion you will be provided with a complete project documentation and instructions for the builders on how to execute the work.
- See offer with owners interaction here...

There is also another option for busy individuals who would prefer to allow our professionals to completely design the project.
- See offer with limited owners interaction here…
Pracownia Projektowa Eliza Linkiewicz ul. Żwirki i Wigury 9/3 Szczecin, woj. zachodniopomorskie, 71-176